1 Really Hard $20 Million Dollar Question for Any Golfer

AnthonyKimWhere in the world is Anthony Kim? You remember Anthony Kim, right? You remember him thrashing Sergio Garcia in the 2008 Ryder cup, right? You remember Anthony Kim’s bling encrusted belt buckles, right? Well, nobody has seen him since 2012. I’m not just talking about his presence on the Tour here. Anthony Kim has turned Bigfoot – no verifiable video evidence of his existence.

There are rumours and sightings, but it’s nearly impossible to find anybody in the golf world who knows is whereabouts. Even Phil Mickelson says they haven’t texted in over a year. (If I had Phil’s number, he’d be getting texts all the time from me. “How should I hit this one, Phil?” Send. Just sayin’.)

Why did golf’s Next Big Thing suddenly vanish from the game? For the money, it appears.

Kim has some insurance policy against a career-ending injury that is worth about $20,000,000. All of that money is tax free, by the way. If he takes one swing on tour… poof. That policy vanishes and he’s back to having to earn a living in a way most of us only dream about. The math figures that he’d have to earn about $35 Million on tour to build a similar nest egg after taxes.

Put yourself in Anthony Kim’s shoes.

Could you quit golf for $20 Million? 

I immediately answered ‘No.’ The more I think about it, the more I don’t think I could give up this game/passion/sickness. How about you?