4 Ryder Cup Stats You Didn’t Know

The 2014 Ryder Cup is a stats monster. This competition goes back nearly a century and there seems to be a contest among commentators to produce the wackiest, niftiest, or most useful stat. Looking for a Ryder Cup drinking game? How about every time you hear “… not since 19-whenever…”

There are some amazing golf stats and then there are the stats we at Offcourse have compiled about the 2014 Ryder Cup from Gleneagles in Scotland.

Behold some stats that have everything (and nothing) to do with the 2014 Ryder Cup

Some 2014 Ryder Cup stats you may not have thought of.

Some Ryder Cup stats you may not have thought of.

Rest assured, there will be more stats made at the 2014 playing of the Ryder Cup. Notably, and assuming Phil Mickelson plays both fourball (eightball?) matches, he will tie for the all-time American record of 5 matches. Who knows what else will be logged? Will Rory hit the contest’s sixth hole-in-one? Will Rickie Fowler out fashion Ian Poulter?

Regardless of what happens, enjoy the Ryder Cup. This is one of the best events in all of sports. May the best team win.