5 Tips to Overcome Adversity on the Golf Course

overcome adversity on golf course

All golfers face adversity on the golf course, even the best players in the world. The most recent example was Jordan Spieth in the final round of The Masters this past weekend. Considering the enormity of the adversity he faced on the 12th hole and what was at stake, he actually bounced back pretty well by making birdie on two of his next three holes.

Luckily for us, when we face adversity on the golf course we aren’t under the microscope of millions of viewers and intense media scrutiny. Typically we’re just with a few friends, so we actually have it pretty easy. Whether it is after a bad shot or a bad hole, here are 5 tips to help you overcome adversity on the golf course and get your game headed back in the right direction:

5.  Take a deep breath

It may seem simple, but regulating your breathing will help reduce your heart rate and calm you down. Next time you’re in a tough situation, take some slow, deep breaths, and it will help you reset and focus clearly on the next shot.

4.  Maintain confident body language

When things go wrong on the golf course, it’s easy to hang your head and drag your feet. The next time this happens, make a conscious effort to maintain confident body language. Sulking won’t help, and it’s not flattering either. It has been shown that demonstrating positive body language can trigger your brain to make yourself feel more confident. Maintaining your confidence is exactly what you need to turn things around on the golf course.

3.  Everybody faces adversity in golf

Remind yourself that you’re not alone. Adversity is part of the game, and it happens to everyone. It’s part of what makes the game great, so embrace the challenge. At times it may feel like the game is conspiring against you, but it’s definitely not. Accept that it’s all part of the fun and you’ll have an edge over many other golfers who won’t aren’t so accepting of it.

2.  Don’t follow a bad shot by trying a heroic shot

If you get yourself into some trouble, take your medicine and limit the damage. Sometimes you have to adjust your focus on a particular hole to take a big number out of play. Choose the shot that you’re comfortable with which will get you back into play. Your scorecard will thank you.

1.  It’s just a game

So you hit a bad golf shot, big deal. It’s just game. Most of us aren’t playing for our livelihoods, so don’t be afraid of bad shots. Play to hit good shots. Play to have fun. If a bad shot happens, shrug it off, it’s part of the game. Embrace the challenge and take pride in your will to overcome adversity and have fun no matter what this crazy game dishes out.

by Josh StrukoffOffcourse contributor and owner of http://golfismentalblog.com/