5 Great Golf Exercises That Don’t Require Equipment

golf excercises

There’s no disputing that improving your fitness can help your golf game. The good news is that you don’t have to squat every plate in the weight room like Rory McIlroy to improve your golf fitness. In fact, there are some great golf exercises you can do without any weights or equipment at all, whether you’re in the comfort of your own home, a park, or a hotel room.

These are exercises that have helped me improve my golf fitness, and are particularly great when you are pressed for time to do a full workout or simply don’t feel like going to a gym. I’ve saved myself the embarrassment of demonstrating them myself, and searched out some YouTube videos to help you out.

5. Cross-Core Activation and Half Get Up

Cross-core activation and the half get up are awesome for a golfers’ core strength, and a great way to get your core engaged. For the cross-core activation, you push your hand into your knee as hard as you can using your core. It’s important to focus on activating your core and letting it do most of the work. I lumped these into one exercise because you don’t even have to get up in between them.


4. Front and Side Plank

The front and side planks are simple, and awesome for core strength and stability. The basic side and front plank are static, however, once you become more advanced, you can look up some dynamic variations of them to mix it up.

Side plank:


Front plank:


3.Squat Jumps

For the squat jump, you simply move down into a squat position, and then jump as high as you can. Depending on your fitness level, you might want to start with normal squats before progressing into the squat jump. Great for explosive power. I always feel these ones the next day.


2. Lateral Squat

Great for lower body stability, which helps develop a more consistent and powerful golf swing.


1. Glute Bridges

We’ve all heard the Tiger Woods glute activation jokes. He wasn’t totally full of it, however. The glutes are extremely important in the golf swing. If they aren’t firing, you’ll know it. They provide stability and power during the entire swing. You can start using both legs for a glute bridge (as shown in the video) and progress to using one leg at a time.  Golf aside, who wouldn’t want buns of steel?


These certainly aren’t the only great golf exercises out there, but they are a great start given their simplicity and effectiveness.  Happy ‘fitnessing’.

by Josh StrukoffOffcourse contributor and owner of http://golfismentalblog.com/