Introducing GolfJet 

Running low option 2

Offcourse Golf is pleased to announce a partnership with GolfJet Industries out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. GolfJet delivers an awesome standard of quality, value and convenience… to your door in a handcrafted box called a “Jetpack.” Each shipment contains 9 (option for 12) tour-level 3 piece or dual-core 4 piece golf balls, a premium cabretta leather glove, a set […]

Offcourse iPhone app tracks teen on tour trajectory. 

Golfer in Sunset

Thirteen-year-old Nic Cassidy has a pretty sweet swing. He’s got a set of Titleist irons, a Ping driver, and some TaylorMade woods. But there’s something else in his golf bag that’s helping him shoot low and win tournaments. Nic uses a free golf app called Offcourse to keep his stats from round to round. The […]