2 Golf Stats that will Blow You Away 


Jordan Spieth earned $3,623 per stroke in 2015. There’s little doubt that Jordan Spieth authored the most awesome golf season we’ve seen since the Tiger Slam. (link) He started by taking a red Sharpie marker to the record books at Augusta in one of the least dramatic and most inspiring Masters wins we’ve ever seen. […]

2 Things you Should Know about Wedges 


There are a lot of things you can keep track of with the Offcourse app on your smartphone. Most of our get a lot of value from their approach accuracy stats to find out what they can be doing to hit more greens. There’s another feature in the app that is interestingly a underused; the “What’s In […]

How is your Swing like the Local Newspaper? 


Now that’s a strange question! Don’t worry, I can explain. There’s an interesting article in my local paper, the Calgary Herald, telling everybody that big changes are coming. The word “reimagined” appears in the headline. The article basically says the newspaper business is dying and they have to do something to stay afloat. The hired […]

4 Ryder Cup Stats You Didn’t Know 

The 2014 Ryder Cup is a stats monster. This competition goes back nearly a century and there seems to be a contest among commentators to produce the wackiest, niftiest, or most useful stat. Looking for a Ryder Cup drinking game? How about every time you hear “… not since 19-whenever…” There are some amazing golf […]