5 Must Read Golf Books to Help Your Game 

must read golf books

There are a plethora of golf books out there which contain a staggering amount of knowledge and tips. It’s not practical to read them all or incorporate everything into your game — in fact — we wouldn’t recommend that. However, building a solid foundation of golf knowledge to draw from is a valuable tool in gaining a better understanding of the […]

How to Find the Right Golf Instructor for YOU 

How to Find a golf Instructor

Whether you’re a beginner just getting into golf, or an avid player looking to take their game to the next level, a golf instructor can help you immensely. However, not all golf instructors are created equal. The right golf instructor for someone else may not be the best fit for you and your goals. There […]

Goal Setting for Golfers 101 

Goal Setting for Golfers

by Josh Strukoff — Offcourse contributor and owner of http://golfismentalblog.com/    Goal setting is an extremely useful tool to help achieve the things you desire in life. If getting better at golf is one of the things you desire, you might want to consider setting some goals. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to get rid of their […]

Awesome Practice Game – 50 Point Putting Challenge 


From the detailed stats I’m keeping with the Offcourse Golf app, it’s clear that the biggest stat I have to improve is my putting. Alright. Good to know! The trouble I have, and I’m sure many golfers are the same, is that practice routines can get boring after a while. I’ve been looking for ways […]

Jordan Spieth’s Masters Class in how to GO LOW 

Augusta National Golf Club courtesy Dan Perry

What can you say about Jordan Spieth’s incredible performance at Augusta National that hasn’t already been said. It was pretty awesome to watch him knock down virtually every record on his way to a well-deserved green jacket. As Nick Faldo said, the worst shot of the week for Jordan Spieth was the second last one. Too […]

How to Buy the Right Driver 

Driving range

There may be no better feeling in golf than bombing your driver right down the middle and way out past your buddies. The likelihood of reaching a par 5 green in two to set up for an eagle putt is dependent on your ability to crush your driver. Who hasn’t been taunted by a golf hole with […]

Practice Putting Properly (at home) 


A lot of us practice putting in the basement or in the living room all winter long. Maybe it’s not putting practice. Maybe it’s putting therapy. Working on your stroke can’t be bad for your game. Or can it? Sure there’s more than one way to practice putting properly. But if you’re just hitting ball after ball […]

Breaking 100 


Breaking 100 is a pretty significant milestone in the life of every golfer. It can be an elusive milestone as well. Golfers of every calibre suffer fatigue as a round wears on. Sometimes everything seems to be working just fine and then… the wheels fall off and the score balloons. This is a recipe to help […]

Try This Awesome Driver Tip 

blurry driver

I’ve been reading lately about people who have a hard time hitting their driver with any confidence or good result. Too bad. Driving the ball might be the most fun part of golf. Who doesn’t love to step up and rip one a hundred miles right down the middle? Exactly. The problem I see with […]

What is the New Nike Vapor Driver Commercial Really Saying? 

Nike's New Vapor Flex Driver looks pretty hot.

Nike made a new commercial. It’s awesome. On the surface it appears to be a pitch for the new Nike Vapor Driver (which looks seriously bad-ass.) It’s also a cool section of the Hall of Fame of Nike sponsored athletes. The commercial ask one question: Why Change? Here it is. x http://youtu.be/DuigDVQZ_7Y Awesome. But what is the Nike […]