Drivers’ Ed

Nothing in golf feels better than bombing a spectacular drive right down the middle and into another time zone. This page is all about feeding you tips and advice that you can take to the range and the tee box with you. Groove your swing with these video lessons and watch your drives and your stats soar while your score plummets.


Here’s Zach Allen with a great tip to help understand and practice the transition to the downswing.

Here’s Zach emphasizing the point by unlocking the secret to Happy Gilmore’s power.

Chris Ryan points out some common mistakes many golfers make with the driver setup and aims to correct them.

Pro Tip from former world #1 and 2013 Masters Champion Adam Scott on the fundamentals of a good set up.

Here’s a great explanation of the components of a great set up.

Martin Hall has a tip that helps you keep your driver on plane.

Wally Armstrong’s drill helps you feel what a long, circular swing feels like.