How to Grow Golf


In short… serve golfers. Share what you love about golf. One way to do this is to be like Hank Haney.

If you follow the legendary swing coach on twitter, you’ll see him offering swing tips to pretty much anybody with a twitter account and a camera.

Think about this for a second. Hank Haney was once paid quite handsomely to coach the world’s number one golfer. A fella named Tiger Woods. So why would a guy who once coached The Striped One share his knowledge for free? Because he loves golf, I guess. I can’t think of another way to explain it.

Hank doesn’t care who you are. He’ll meet you on common ground; a love of golf and a desire to improve.


Hank Haney’s golf message is pure and simple. He reaches out to say “if I can help you enjoy golf more, I will do so gladly.” If you’re a golf pro, a general manager, a pro shop employee, a superintendent, a retail manager, or just a golfer who loves the game… what’s your message? Is it welcoming and positive? Let’s hope it is. Golf is best when it’s shared.