How to Save Money on Golf Stuff

save money on golf

We all want to play as much golf as we can, play our best, have great equipment to use, and look sharp while doing it. Seems simple enough, but it can sure feel expensive sometimes.

What if we told you there are ways to go about your golfing endeavors and save some hard-earned money while you do it?

Be Patient

Despite what club manufacturers tell you, it’s not necessary to buy new clubs every year, or be the first to snag a new model off the shelf. Be patient and wait till later in the season, or until the following season. They will go on sale. You’ll save a bunch of money and — trust us — you won’t fall behind on technological advancements during that short time.

Inquire About Demo Clubs For Sale

Most golf stores and golf courses have clubs set aside for players to test before they decide to buy a new one. Sure, these clubs become slightly used, however, they usually keep them in good shape and eventually the golf shop will sell them — for a significantly reduced price.

Shop Seasonal Sales

Golf companies are coming out with new clubs and new apparel every year. This puts pressure on retailers and pro shops to clear out stock every season to make room for new stuff. This lends itself to stellar end-of-season and off-season sales. Watch for these deals at golf course pro shops and golf stores. They’re inevitable.

Look for Online Sales

There are some sneaky places to find golf deals online. Particularly if you know what you’re looking for, search sites like Amazon, Ebay, and even Kijiji. Offcourse founder, Roger, recently scored a new pair of golf pants on Amazon for a smokin’ deal. He’s going to start his season looking sharp, and still has enough money in his wallet for post-round beverages.

Ask for a Deal

It never hurts to ask. “If I buy the driver, what sort of deal can you get me on these shoes?” It has worked before, and it’ll probably work again.

Play Twilight Golf

You’ve got the equipment and sharp looking clothes, and now you need to use them. There are some great ways to pay less to play golf, and twilight golf is one of them. Almost all courses have a reduced twilight rate which starts at a certain time in the late afternoon or evening. Depending on the course, you can often fit in all 18 holes before the sun falls below the horizon. Plus, golfing with a setting sun can be simply beautiful.

Play 9 Holes

If you don’t have the time or money to play 18 holes regularly, there is no shame in getting out for nine. It’s a great way to enjoy the game and see your friends without spending as much money. It’s also a great way to get a weekday golf fix, particularly when you can’t leave work early enough to fit in a full round.

Pack Your Own Food

When you pile on overpriced sandwiches and drinks at the turn, it can make your cost to play golf significantly higher for the day. Most courses won’t let you bring your own beer, but there’s nothing wrong with bringing your own lunch, snacks, and water to save a few bucks.

Utilize Free Game Improvement Resources

You already look good on the course, but you also want to play good. Hiring a golf instructor can be great if you can afford it, however, there are other options out there if that’s not where you want to spend money. YouTube is full of wonderful instructors who are trying to help. Search golf instruction YouTube channels and find an instructor who resonates with you and watch their videos. Then go practice in your basement or backyard.

Golf books are another great resource. They aren’t free (unless you borrow them from a friend), but it’s a small investment relative to golf instruction, and we’ve already given you a head start with 5 great golf book suggestions.

Do you know what else is free? Downloading the Offcourse app and having some fun with tracking your statistics. It might even help you improve the area of your game that needs it most.

by Josh StrukoffOffcourse contributor and owner of