Introducing GolfJet

Running low option 2

Offcourse Golf is pleased to announce a partnership with GolfJet Industries out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

GolfJet delivers an awesome standard of quality, value and convenience… to your door in a handcrafted box called a “Jetpack.” Each shipment contains 9 (option for 12) tour-level 3 piece or dual-core 4 piece golf balls, a premium cabretta leather glove, a set of 3 blade tees, and a golden ball marker. Delivered to your door! (Oh right. I mentioned that.)

The obvious question is ‘How good is the gear?’ Frankly, it’s top-notch stuff. Slip on that sheepskin glove and it’s plain to see that the proprietors of the company have particularly high standards.

Through GolfJet’s subscription delivery service, they invite you to “Play like a Pro” and while most of us can’t swing like a pro, we can certainly benefit from using the high-end gear developed with top tier golfers in mind. Plus… and I don’t say this lightly, it’s really awesome to get stuff in the mail; particularly awesome stuff in an awesome package.

Check out what it’s like to get your first JetPack.

We at Offcourse strive to add enjoyment and value to your golf experience. That’s why this partnership with GolfJet is such a natural fit. We’re proud to be the company that powers the GolfJet Connect smartphone app. It provides the same great experience you’ve come to know from Offcourse Golf, with the added benefits of being a GolfJet member.

Check out GolfJet’s website and inquire about setting up your subscription.