How is your Swing like the Local Newspaper?


Now that’s a strange question! Don’t worry, I can explain.

There’s an interesting article in my local paper, the Calgary Herald, telling everybody that big changes are coming. The word “reimagined” appears in the headline. The article basically says the newspaper business is dying and they have to do something to stay afloat. The hired a company to ask thousands of people what they want. They say that “armed with some deep data” they’re ready to change the way they do things so they can do a better job and get better results.

The golf business in general is going through the same thing and we’ll get to that discussion in a later posting. But for now, think about how this newspaper is a lot like your golf swing and game in general.

What the newspaper is doing here is the publishing business equivalent of downloading the Offcourse App and taking lessons from a pro.

Let me break it down.

The newspaper was no longer growing the audience and advertisers are spending less. Golf Translation: You’ve plateaued, or worse, are shooting bigger numbers and are not having as much satisfaction or fun golfing.

The newspaper commissioned a survey company to go find out why people don’t read the paper and what they can do to change that. Golf Translation: You take a good, honest look at all aspects of your game to figure out how you can do better. This includes assessing your equipment, your course management skills, your ball flight tendencies, and your skills from driving to chipping to putting.

The newspaper hired consultants to help them “reimagine” how their product is going to look and how it will serve the audience. Golf Translation: Hire a pro to work on your golf swing.

Will it work for the newspaper? That depends.

If the data they collected is honest (respondents didn’t lie) and they get good advice on how to interpret it (work with a good pro), they’ll be off on the right foot. If they get a good consultant and designer to help produce a better product and they focus on what’s working and change what isn’t, they should be ok. Piece of cake, right? Obviously easier said than done.

Such is golf.

If you keep track of what’s happening within your game and take action to correct negative trends and tendencies, you can improve your game. If you focus your attention where it’s needed and continue doing things that work, you can improve your game. If you upgrade to equipment that gives you better results, as I did with my putter, you can improve your game.

Assess. Address. Impress. (Is that a phrase worth coining?)


Do give you an example of what I’m talking about, here’s two of my favourite YouTube lessons that helped me when I developed a tendency to slice because I was swinging over the top. This helped me get my swing back to the inside. Enjoy.

Zach Allen with the cheapest swing training aid you’ll find anywhere.

This is a great swing visualization from Christo at My Swing Evolution. He has a great channel that you should subscribe to. At 35 seconds, he gives a great description of what the butt end of your club should do during your swing that really helped me get back on the fairway.