Tips to Pack for a Golf Trip 

golf travel bag

Your tee times are lined up, the flight and hotel are booked, now all you have left to do is pack for that much anticipated golf trip. Packing smart and efficiently for a golf trip will help you be prepared for anything, and will help enhance your enjoyment. Golf travel bag Go to a golf […]

5 Simple Golf Side Games 

golf side games

When you’re out on the golf course with your friends, playing a side game is a good way to get those competitive juices flowing while having some extra fun. Whether you decide to play for money, for who buys the drinks after, or simply for pride, playing a side game always spices things up. Here […]

Bounce on Wedges Explained 

bounce on wedges

When it comes to scoring, wedges are some of the most important clubs in your bag. They are your primary tools for getting the ball on the green and close to the hole when you’re inside 100 yards. Therefore, having wedges that fit your game and knowing when to use them is one of the […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Golfers 

fullfill potential on golf course

The potential of a golfer can vary based on many factors, however, the difference between the golfers who reach their potential and the ones who do not is no coincidence. There is no one-size-fits-all secret to get the most out of your game, but most golfers who do usually have several things in common. Here […]

5 Tips to Overcome Adversity on the Golf Course 

overcome adversity on golf course

All golfers face adversity on the golf course, even the best players in the world. The most recent example was Jordan Spieth in the final round of The Masters this past weekend. Considering the enormity of the adversity he faced on the 12th hole and what was at stake, he actually bounced back pretty well […]

Tips to Get Your Golf Season Off to a Good Start 

start golf season right

Spring is in the air. Golf courses are starting to open for the season earlier than ever before. With everyone keen to get into the swing of things, here are a few tips and reminders to get your season off to a good start. Ease Yourself Into It If it has been a while since […]

Do You Need a Big, Fat Putter Grip? 

big putter grip

Big putter grips seem to be all the rage these days, but do you really need one to get the ball in the hole? Made famous by the brand SuperStroke, the big, non-tapered putter grip has made its mark in the golf industry, and appears to be here to stay. SuperStroke’s catch phrase is “say […]

5 Great Golf Exercises That Don’t Require Equipment 

golf excercises

There’s no disputing that improving your fitness can help your golf game. The good news is that you don’t have to squat every plate in the weight room like Rory McIlroy to improve your golf fitness. In fact, there are some great golf exercises you can do without any weights or equipment at all, whether […]

10 Common Mistakes Golfers Make (and how to avoid them) 

10 mistakes golfers make

Golf is a game of managing and minimizing mistakes, and you can bet that all golfers, regardless of skill level, make¬†plenty of them. This post is an opportunity to learn from the many mistakes made before you, and keep your golf journey headed in the right direction. Here are 10 common mistakes made by golfers, […]

How to Save Money on Golf Stuff 

save money on golf

We all want to play as much golf as we can, play our best, have great¬†equipment to use, and look sharp while doing it. Seems simple enough, but it can sure feel expensive sometimes. What if we told you there are ways to go about your golfing endeavors and save some hard-earned money while you […]