Tips to Get Your Golf Season Off to a Good Start

start golf season right

Spring is in the air. Golf courses are starting to open for the season earlier than ever before. With everyone keen to get into the swing of things, here are a few tips and reminders to get your season off to a good start.

Ease Yourself Into It

If it has been a while since you’ve swung a golf club, take it easy. Head to the range a couple times before you play your first round and focus on wedges and short irons. Since these are the easiest clubs to hit in your bag, it’ll help boost your confidence.  If you can, find a place to chip and putt as well. The goal is to get your body accustomed to swinging a club again.  The last thing you want is to tweak something and start your season with an injury. You will have plenty of time to hit your driver once golf season is in full swing.

Reel in Your Expectations

Whether you’ve been practicing throughout the winter or not, you will not be alone in feeling a bit rusty once you’re out on the golf course again. Let go of any expectations you have and treat those first few rounds as a means to have fun and knock the rust off. You may surprise yourself by how well you play for this very reason —  scoring expectations are low and you don’t overthink things. Then once we see some good results, expectations can go through the roof, we start to think about our score, and we struggle the next time out. Keep those expectations reeled in and focus on the process rather than the result.

Check Your Gear

Approaching a new golf season is a great time to take inventory of your gear. An important part of your gear which can become worn out rather quickly are your shoes. Having comfortable and functional golf shoes is very important. Check the condition of your shoes, and replace your spikes (if they have them), if necessary.

You’ll also want to check your grips. At the very least, clean them. Fill your sink or a bucket with soapy water and give them a gentle scrub with a wire brush. Rinse them, dry them, and you’ll be surprised how much life this will put back into them. If this doesn’t work, you might want to head to your local golf shop and have the grips replaced.

It also can’t hurt to go through the pouches of your bag and clean out those old, moldy sandwiches you forgot about, and make sure you’re stocked with everything you need for early season golf — an extra jacket/sweater, a toque, rain gloves, a refillable water bottle, and the essential tools such as tees, ball markers, and divot repair tools.

Have Fun and Be Patient

No matter how your season starts, remember to have fun, enjoy the challenge, and be patient. Don’t live or die based on the results of your first few rounds. You’ve got a lot of golf ahead of you to look forward to.

Here’s to hoping an early golf season is here to stay — enjoy!

by Josh StrukoffOffcourse contributor and owner of