Tips to Pack for a Golf Trip

golf travel bag

Your tee times are lined up, the flight and hotel are booked, now all you have left to do is pack for that much anticipated golf trip. Packing smart and efficiently for a golf trip will help you be prepared for anything, and will help enhance your enjoyment.

Golf travel bag

Go to a golf shop and get yourself a golf travel bag. I am a fan of the soft shell ones, because once you arrive at your destination, it folds up nicely and can be put away in the corner or in a closet. Get one big enough to not only fit your golf clubs, but other items such as shoes and extra jackets. Utilizing the extra space in your golf travel bag can help lighten up any other bags you have, or maybe it will turn out to be the only bag you need.

Travel Golf Club Protector

When taking your clubs on an airplane, this is simply a must. It’ll help ensure that your clubs, particularly your driver, will arrive in once piece. These are carried at most golf shops, and are worth their weight in gold.

golf travel stiffarm club protector

An extra pair of golf shoes

Especially if you’re going to be walking any courses, you’ll want an extra pair of shoes. Whether one pair starts to hurt your feet, or one becomes sopping wet, an extra pair of shoes can be a trip saver.

Clothes for all weather conditions

It is okay to try and pack light, but always incorporate enough layers for an array of possible weather conditions, even if the forecast looks good. In addition to your golf shirts, try and include a long-sleeve shirt, a vest or light sweater, and a rain jacket. A pair of rain gloves isn’t a bad investment either. You never know when the weather might turn, so it’s better to be prepared.

Take a reusable water bottle

Some courses provide you with a bottle or two of water at the course, but don’t count on it. Paying for water seems like wasted money on a golf trip, plus, using your own bottle is better for the environment. I’ve regretted this oversight several times.

Pack extra snacks

Sometimes you don’t know what the food situation will be when you’re going to new golf courses. I always pack some extra energy/protein bars in my bag just in case I need a pick-me-up out on the course. Getting hungry and weak is an easy way to derail a round.

Double check the essentials

Although you can buy these things at your destination if you need to, it’s nice to show up prepared. Check your bag for balls, tees, a divot tool, ball markers, your GPS or rangefinder (if you use one), and a golf glove in good condition.

Other essentials include sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Other tricks

These aren’t essential, but you may find them useful:

  • Take the socks you’re going to pack, and place them over your irons. It saves a bit of space, and could come in useful if the airline gets rough with your bag. If you still have socks leftover, put them in your shoes.
  • Hats can be tough to pack, but I have had good success slinging them over my driver or 3 wood, which helps keep their shape.
  • Utilize the pockets of your golf bag for things like underwear, t-shirts, and shorts during travel. As mentioned earlier, if you pack efficiently, your golf travel bag may be all you need.

by Josh StrukoffOffcourse contributor and owner of the Golf is Mental Blog.