3 best vacuum cleaners that are the best selling on the market

Most families today own a vacuum cleaner to make house cleaning easier than traditional cleaners. But not every family is satisfied with the vacuum cleaner product they own. So in this article, we will suggest to you 3 best vacuum cleaners on the market today.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner product or want to change to a new product, this article is for your reference.

1. Bissell Stick Lightweight With Crevice Tool, 2033 - Best for cheap

The first vacuum cleaner we recommend to you comes from the Bissell brand. This is one of the top 10 vacuum cleaners on the market which is generally the best because of its low price and can still ensure all the functions of a robot vacuum.

Bissell has a compact weight and size and is easily removable to help a primary school child do housework too. The machine also comes with 3 different vacuum cleaner heads so that you can optionally replace and use them according to your needs.

The manufacturer also launches many different color versions so that you can freely choose according to your personal preferences or to match the design of the space in your home.


  • Colorful design

  • Strong suction

  • Reasonable price

  • Compact size

  • Lightweight


  • Short extension cord

  • Small dust cup capacity (only 0.67 liters)

2. Oreck Lightweight, 40ft Power Cord, U2000R1 - Best for large homes

Is your house too big? Cleaning the house is inherently laborious, and having to change the outlet often makes your cleaning work even more tiring and burdensome. So what is The Best Vacuum Cleaner for you in this case? Oreck vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice for you.

Popular vacuums on the market today usually only have a cord length of about 25-30 feet, but Oreck stands out with a cord length of up to 40 feet. This design is easier and more convenient for you to clean your house.

This product also comes in 2 colors, blue and red, for you to choose from depending on your preferences.


  • This power cord

  • Large dirt compartment

  • Integrated control button on the handle


  • High price

  • Bulky design

3. Bissell Cleanview, Orange, 1831 - Best for families with pets

Another product on this Bissell list that we would recommend to you is the Bissell Cleanview. Normally, robot vacuums have strong suction, but it is difficult to completely clean pet hair. This is what makes families with pets a headache when choosing a vacuum cleaner product.

Bissell Cleanview not only has the usual cleaning like other vacuum cleaner products on the market, but it also does a good job of cleaning pet hair. Although the cord length is only 25 feet, not too prominent, this machine has up to 6 connecting rods so that the nozzle can be cleaned even on high.


  • Clean pet hair

  • Large dirt compartment (2 liters)

  • Automatic power cord collapsing


  • Big, bulky design

The above is a general list of the best vacuum cleaner reviews on the market that we have selected for you after evaluation and analysis based on many different criteria. Hopefully, we can help you choose the best suit for your home cleaning needs with this list.