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Brother PE770 Sewing Machine Review


Embroidery machines are always great to own and especially when you are a passionate sewer. While searching for the top rated sewing machines for beginners, make sure that the model has all the qualities you were looking for in other expensive sewing machines. Today we are telling you about the sewing machine which is reliable and sturdy. Brother PE770 sewing machine has a lot to offer you and is suitable for creative minds.



Easy to Use:

Brother PE770 sewing machine is quite easy to use and you can use it as a beginner without any discomfort. A manual guide is there with a sewing machine to understand the whole mechanism and by reading it, you can start working on it right away.


Easy Threading:

For the sake of the user, this sewing machine has come up with an easy threading feature. It has a printed numbered chart that offers you easy threading even if you are a beginner and using a sewing machine for the first time. This sewing machine has an automatic needle threading system and 11 presser feet including basic to advance.


Built-in Memory:

Brother PE770 sewing machine has built-in memory to help you in importing images, designs, and stitches from the internet. You can simply go to and buy different designs for your sewing machine through USB. It can also help you with updating the sewing machine.


LCD Touch Screen:

This best Brother sewing machine has come up with an LCD touch screen to help you in taking control of the sewing machine. You can view settings, stitch selection and other features on display. The pattern range of this sewing machine is from basic to complex and suitable for almost any kind of project.




The flexibility of this sewing machine is quite impressive and it has the potential to simplify your projects in the best possible way. It has come up with a standard hoop of 5x7 and this sewing machine can also provide the feature of pause. You can pause machines in between the work to adjust minor problems and you can also pause work when running out of thread. The quality of the stitches will be as good as expensive sewing machines.


Built-in Designs:

Brother PE770 has 136 built-in embroidery designs, 6 built-in lettering fonts, and embroidery cards as well. You can also rotate patterns in this sewing machine at the angle of1 degrees, 10 degrees, and 90 degrees. These exceptional features make this model stand out from the rest.


Other Features:

This embroidery and sewing machine has come up with more features like thread cutter, 2 LED lights, top drop-in bobbin, impressive embroidery speed of 650 stitches per minute and dust cover as well. This sewing machine has loads of accessories that are easy to use and suitable for perfect results.



If you are looking for the best starter sewing machine reviews as a beginner then brother PE770 sewing machine is just the right match for you. Every penny of yours will be worth investing in this model due to its smooth nature and easy to use operations.