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Location: United States


EHall Pass is a Cloud Based Digital Pass System launched by Eduspire Solutions, LLC on May 16th, 2019. The objective is to enhancement of school's security and streamline every administrative task by allowing all students, teachers to complete different tasks electronically. Once you have logged into E Hall Pass System, you will get access to the electronic hall passes from K-12 schools. This user-friendly interface of EHallPass site is especially designed to assist school directors and staff members in efficiently managing and monitoring student movements and stop unnecessary meetings in & around school environemnt .E HallPass System Features : The Important Features Offered on E Hall Pass Website deals with streamlining school management system online to improving their student's data security, contactless QR-Codes, and monitoring all other student activities more efficiently, and create organised student statistics digitally. To get ehall pass, Enrollment at Official Website of Securly-Pass (Formerly E-HallPass) at Login via Google Account/Clever/ClassLink/Office 365 or GG4L (any of the third party service for user authentication)