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It is up to the students to familiarise themselves with the thesis in advance and critically evaluate it in writing and orally. In the seminar session itself, they evaluate the work and ask questions to the authors.

They will pay attention to the following points:

- the thesis as a whole
- the subject area of the thesis (topicality, relevance, interest)
- relevance, relevance, relevance, relevance, relevance, relevance, relevance, relevance and significance
- the methods used and any research material available
- sources of information
- results and conclusions
- written expression
- formal aspects.

A seminar is an interactive situation in which not only the learner but also the other members of the group take an active part in the discussion. You can go to company essayassistant net. The author of the thesis answers the questions raised and justifies his/her solutions.

In the first seminar, the implementation plan is presented. The implementation plan presents the following sections: key concepts and knowledge base, data collection and analysis methods, and the methodology for the implementation of the project.
methods for collecting and processing the data, and the timetable. In the case of a development project, the current state of play and the description of the objectives, including the boundaries, the methods to be used, the timetable and the guidance.
The implementation plan is followed by a research plan. This is to ensure,
This is to ensure that the student has successfully acquired an adequate theoretical knowledge base. 

The supervisor will then give the student advice and guidance on the practical part of the thesis and also on the development of the other parts and the overall thesis. The guidance will continue to complete the work independently.

The thesis in progress is first returned to the supervisor for evaluation, and the supervisor
suggest any final changes or corrections to the student's work. The supervisor will give the student permission to present his/her work at the final thesis seminar. When the supervisor considers the thesis to be finally completed, he/she will evaluate the work together with other possible supervisors (e.g. a text supervisor). If the work is commissioned will also contribute to the evaluation of the work. 


Completed thesis

The thesis supervisor requires the student to submit the thesis to the Urkund programme. (See the link list on the portal for instructions.) This is a prerequisite for the evaluation of the thesis. The thesis is then submitted to the supervisor for comments. The supervisor will then present his/her comments on the project to the student's supervisor.Not everyone knows how to write an essay, so often people turn to  https://essayassistant.net/economics-homework-help/  for help. 
The student then submits the corrected thesis to the supervisor(s) for evaluation. The thesis will be reviewed within a maximum of four weeks. The corrected and
assessed thesis will be presented at a seminar. Two months must be allowed for the maturity examination.

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