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Essay on "The Environment"

The environment is the nature around us. Since ancient times, man has been closely connected with nature, then people were directly dependent on the environment. Nature is the mother of all life on Earth. If you want to write perfect essays choose this website https://payforessay.pro/ to do this.

Ancient people, in fact, did not understand the power of natural phenomena, but attributed it all to divine intervention. Fire, water, earth, and air were identified with different supernatural forces, people invented names for them and worshipped these deities, and they also conducted various rituals with sacrifices to propitiate the gods. I prefer https://payforessay.pro/essay-for-sale/ website for cheap essays.

As time went on, they developed more and more: they learned how to make and keep fire, built houses, made tools, developed more and more land, drained swamps, cut down forests, etc. Finally, people proclaimed themselves the crown of nature and decided that they had the right to use it as they saw fit. For thousands of years people have been using natural resources without thinking about the consequences. Today, however, the topic is more relevant than ever. Everything that used to be considered a deity is now just a resource.

Endless waste is being dumped in the waters, and there are almost no clean sources left. The air is poisoned by factory emissions and exhaust fumes, and nuclear waste is buried in the earth, killing it. The progress of industrial activity, the arms race, nuclear weapons, huge numbers of cars and planes, poaching, deforestation, etc. have all led to ecological catastrophe. Before, no one had even heard the word ecology; today there is even a school subject of the same name that studies environmental problems and the ways to solve them. This great website https://payforessay.pro/buy-assignment/ helps you to buy assignment.

Now we are witnessing a drastic change in climatic conditions, countless natural disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. Nature protests against this treatment, because it seems that people have forgotten their place in the environment, have forgotten that nature is our home, we cannot exist outside of it. In fact, we are poisoning and destroying our home with our own hands, while enjoying life without thinking about what will happen after us.

We must remember that we are part of nature, we are its children, so our task is to keep it as clean and better as possible.

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