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The MO-200 Exam Structure: The MO-200 exam is structured to evaluate candidates on various aspects of Excel proficiency. The exam covers four main domains: Manage Worksheets and Workbooks: This domain assesses your ability to manage multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently. Tasks include organizing data, linking worksheets, and protecting workbooks. Manage Data Cells and Ranges: This domain focuses on skills related to manipulating data within cells and ranges. Topics include formatting cells, inserting data, and applying formulas and functions. Manage Tables and Table Data: Tables are powerful tools in Excel, and this domain evaluates your ability to create and manage tables effectively. Tasks include sorting, filtering, and using structured references. Manage Charts: Data visualization is a crucial aspect of Excel, and this domain assesses your ability to create, modify, and format charts. Tasks include selecting the appropriate chart type, customizing chart elements, and presenting data visually. Each domain is weighted differently, and the exam is designed to test both theoretical knowledge and practical application of Excel skills.

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