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Tips to Write a Great Essay

All depends on the Conclusion

Writing the conclusion of your essay is the most difficult. Because the examiner decides this, how many numbers you have to give. You have to consider many things while writing the conclusion. You can tell in your conclusion the advantages and disadvantages of your subject. While reading the conclusion, the examiner should feel that you have expressed your opinion on the subject, what do you think about that subject. Regardless of how well you have written the introduction and body of your essay, if you have not written the conclusion well then the examiner will never give you good numbers. So you have to write a great conclusion for your essay. It should include everything about the topic. The best you can do to get full marks is to end your essay with a very mindful quote. For example, if you are writing an essay on farmers then you can end your essay by writing JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN at the end.

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Write without Fear

Essays are made to express your feelings freely. So do not be afraid to write your thoughts. Friends, the more you write your words, the more your examiner will be impressed with you. Essays are given in examinations so that your ideas can be understood. Friends, whatever the issue is, you have to write your essay on it without fear. Many times such topics come up in examinations that are very sensitive but still, you have to express your thoughts without fear.

Don’t forget your point Friends, it is very important that you do not deviate from the topic of your essay. You have to hold your subject until the end. If you deviate from the topic of your essay, your examiner will not be interested in reading it. Friends, whatever you write, make sure that your words are related to your subject. You must force the examiner to read one line of your essay. And this will happen only if every line of yours is special.

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Do not perform grammar and spelling mistakes

Doing spelling mistakes is the worst you can do with your essay. Your hard work will be spoiled if you do spelling mistakes in your essay. If you do spelling mistakes in the introduction of your essay, your examiner will be disappointed with you. You should work hard on your grammar too. If your examiner will not able to understand whatever you are trying to say then why he will read your entire essay. To improve your grammar you can read grammar books. The best way to learn grammar is by practicing it. If you want to score good then you can you should avoid these spelling and grammar because they have the capability to ruin your essay.

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