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Randall Oaks Golf Club

37W361 Binnie Road
Dundee, IL
847 428 5661
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Recent Activity

  • Murphy scored 48 on 9 holes at Randall Oaks Golf Club.
    First time in a while. Took some extra shots but basically always used the first shot and shitty position. Driver was just so bad. only straight shots were duffs. maybe try swinging higher off the ground to avoid clipping the ground. also, dont be afraid of your backswing. on the real shot, you tend to shallow it and thus fuck up your timing. you need that time on the downswing to get shit in order. Honestly, for not playing a real course in a while and never playing this one before, not to mention 20 mph winds, cold, and sweater gear, this round was surprisingly decent. really didnt use your mulligans. As usual lately, your short game saved your ass. 140 yards or less are basically reliable shots for you. 6 iron is iffy. 5 iron and above simply has no trust and no reliable distance or accuracy or even avoiding fat shots. Each hole is basically about salvaging your awful starting positions
    Oct 17, 2020 Details
  • M scored 46 on 9 holes at Randall Oaks Golf Club.
    May 6, 2019 Details
  • Jacob scored 89 on 18 holes at Randall Oaks Golf Club.
    Sep 21, 2014 Details